Robertson signs to play college softball with Northwest

On April 13, 2018 one of Lafayette’s Softball Lady Dores, Cylie Robertson, signed with Northwest Mississippi Community College. There supporting her on this special day was Coach Katie Jenkins, Coach Lee Gray, Coach Carley Wilkerson, the entire high school softball team, her family and her boyfriend, Logan Bay.

Jenkins was very excited to see Robertson’s hard work pay off. She said that Robertson was able to impact the entire team from being a flexible player by learning to play different positions and becoming a left handed slap hitter. Instead of standing in place, a slap hitter will run toward the ball, trying to make contact with it. The goal is to put the ball in play by hitting it to the left side of the infield, using her speed to get on base.

Robertson had already planned on going to Northwest, but having a scout offer her a scholarship after one of her games was a “win-win situation,” she said. Although she was nervous because of everyone there, she couldn’t have been more excited to finally be committed to this college after playing for the Lafayette softball team since the eighth grade.


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