Eva Fetzer reflects on her first year in the United States

     Sophomore Eva Fetzer is closing out her first year in America since coming from Germany in August as a foreign exchange student. She has done very well in adjusting to a completely different culture and location, as she’s made many friends and managed to get involved in school life.

     Fetzer is originally from Cologne, Germany, which is 4,674 miles away from Oxford. The culture in her hometown is a bit different than the culture here, from schools not having school sports to there being more cities.

     “It’s more urban there, there are more people,” Fetzer said, “so everything is more busy and it’s just a lot of stuff to do.”

     Transferring to LHS has been difficult for her, as she had to adapt to a different lifestyle and she didn’t really know what life was about her. However, it’s been made easier by the many friends she’s made.

     “It has been so much fun because I really didn’t expect it to be like that,” Fetzer said, “I’ve learned so many new things and it’s just super fun.”

     The foreign exchange student program has been around a while, and some students could be taunted by it, but not Fetzer. As a very ambitious person, she always wants to see new places and try new things, so the program was perfect for her.

     “They told me there’s an opportunity to do something like that,” Fetzer said, “and so I applied to an agency.”

     Fetzer really likes soccer, so it was only natural that she would join the LHS team. Coach Melinda Scruggs is fond of Fetzer, saying that she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She has exceeded all Scrugg’s expectations for someone coming from so far away.

     “Eva is the ultimate coachable kid,” Scruggs said. “She works really, really hard and does everything I ask her to.”

     She is very valuable to the team, and is always working to grow and become a better player. She has made many friends with other players since joining the team. Scruggs believes that Fetzer being able to hang out with her friends outside of sports has been beneficial to her, as she is the ‘new kid’.

     “She’s one of those people everybody likes,” Scruggs said. “I think she’s made a lot of really good friends on the team.”

     Fetzer not only plays soccer, as she is a member of the tennis team as well. There’s a lot on her plate, between schoolwork and sports, which would be a lot for anyone, but especially for someone who is from a different country and is still adjusting in some ways.

     “For only being 15, she’s very mature and responsible,” Scruggs said, “She’s been able to adjust to both school and sports, because she does tennis as well.”

     When Fetzer leaves in June, she will certainly be missed, and not just by the team. Everyone she has cultivated a friendship with will remember her and hope to be able to see her again one day.

     “I told the team we should just go and visit her in Germany,” Scruggs said.

     Fetzer said that she will miss everyone she has met here. She won’t be able to visit for a while, as she settles back in at home, but hopes to come back in the winter.

     Germany“I’ve made so many good friends and I hope I can see them again,” Fetzer said.


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