Health Scare puts Crockett in the Hospital


             Grant Crockett, the Assistant Principal, was out for a couple of weeks due to medical reasons from the past. When he was 20 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. He went through chemotherapy and radiation which caused him to have a lot of scar tissue, and due to that scar tissue, he lost one of his kidneys.

           “I was extremely tired and thirsty. That’s how I knew something was wrong,” Crockett said.

           He was coming home from work falling asleep around four o’clock or five o’clock.

          “My body would ache, legs would cramp, I had brain fog, irritable, etc. It was miserable,” said Crockett.

           He went to the doctor and there he was told he needed to go to the emergency room. Crockett was informed that he had a blockage in his remaining kidney. Scar tissue in his kidney caused the blocking, making it so that it could not drain out fluid or filter out blood. He had to get a nephrostomy tube inserted in his back leading to his kidney. It remained in his back for two weeks until a doctor who was able to locate the blockage came. Along the way he had infections which he said to be one of the main reason he was out so long. Once the blockage was found they put a stint in. He states that he’s slowly gaining his stamina back.

         “That has probably been the most frustrating thing, once the procedures were done, I was ready to get back to my old self, but that has taken time,” explained Crockett.

          This whole ordeal has taught him to be patient and come to the reality that he is not invincible. He said that it also made him realize that he needs to take better care of his body and above all else to recognize his Lord daily through prayer and giving thanks.

         “I was so overwhelmed with the student support upon my return. It makes my job so rewarding. We have such an awesome student body who I respect and love,” Crockett said.

          As the students of Lafayette starting finding out what was going on with Crockett they made a chain post on snapchat saying “Prayers for Mr. Crockett”.



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