Macbeth performance by Ole Miss theater department brings play to life

     Macbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, and on Apr. 20, LHS students traveled to the Ford Center at Ole Miss to see it performed. Many students attended the trip, from seniors to sophomores. It was put on by members of the Ole Miss theater department.

     Macbeth is the story of a Scottish general who receives a prophecy from three witches that he will soon be the King of Scotland. He, being an extremely ambitious individual, decides to murder King Duncan and take the throne for himself, with the help of his wife. Afterwards, he is consumed by guilt and paranoia, which drives him into madness.

     The actors portrayed the story in such a way that even if one didn’t understand exactly what was said, they could still follow the plot easily. Movement was quite a big part of the play, as the three witches, sometimes called the weird sisters, contorted themselves in a truly weird way. The emotions of the characters were clearly shown through gestures and facial expressions, demonstrating the talent of the cast.

     Sara Irby, senior sponsor and twelveth grade English teacher, went on the trip as well. Her classes read the play earlier this year and watched both the older and newer movies of it. She was very excited to experience the play, and her students were interested in the development and outcome of the play. She had never seen a live version of Macbeth before, and was hoping to see some things they had changed so that it was unique to them.

     “The play has a lot of plot details that are interesting to students like murder, treason and greed,” Irby said, “and a lot of human vices that we still see play out in the news today.”

     Senior Makayla Rockette attended the trip, and enjoyed the play a lot and found it very engaging. Rockette liked reading it as well, and seeing it helped further her understanding of it. Her favorite part of the play was when the three witches came on. The only thing that threw her off a bit was when the little boy was introduced. Overall, Rockette said she would definitely go see it again.

     “It was really good,” Rockette said, “but I still admit that Lady Macbeth could’ve done her scream a little bit better.”


Macbeth Picture
Riley McManus and Karen Anne Patti pose for publicity photos for Ole Miss Theatre’s production of Macbeth. Photo by Thomas Graning/Ole Miss Communications

During the performance, students in the audience seemed enraptured, as they watched one of the many plays they read this year be acted out right in front of them. However, some fell asleep or didn’t find it interesting, but that is bound to happen in a room full of teenagers. Everyone clapped loudly as they could at the end though, since the effort the actors put into the play was obvious. Whether or not the storyline itself was appreciated, all students seemed to enjoy having a day away from school and seeing a live-action version of something they had read.


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