Young Life changes lives

I remember my hands were shaking like crazy when I walked through the door of that crowded room. I had been wanting to go to Young Life for a while but I hadn’t known anyone, so I refrained. I was so afraid of being judged or laughed at for what I was wearing or how shy I was. However, to my surprise, I was greeted with warm smiles, tight hugs, and greasy pizza. From that day forward, Young Life became the one thing I looked forward to. I can now say, with complete and total honesty, that if someone asked me what the most welcoming place outside of my own home is, I’d say Young Life.

Young Life is a seventy-six year old organization put on by college students to make worshipping the Lord fun and less stressful for high school students. Club takes place on Monday nights while your gender and grades bible study, called campaigners, takes place whenever is most convenient for the group. Club is when everyone of gender and grade comes together to scream the words of Taylor Swift songs or play games that cause so much laughter to erupt in the crowd. Every Monday night even has a theme to which you dress accordingly and a skit is put on by leaders to introduce the main game of the night. Though, after all the laughing and singing, you sit down to have a short lesson from the Bible taught by a leader. Sometimes it gets personal while other times it’s quite vague. Nonetheless, each lesson touches the hearts of many.

Without this organization, many leaders and attendees would not be living the life they live now. Take Mackenzie Gaines for example. As the leader of the junior girls, she has been a part of the organization for quite a while. Gaines always used had coffee with her leader back in high school. This occurrence caused her to see something different her leader that she craved. That something being Jesus.

“Through Young Life, I have invited Jesus into my heart and have grown into a relationship with him,” Gaines said.

Another life changed by Young Life was Eli Mandle, sophomore/junior boys leader. According to Mandle, he would be a completely different person if he hadn’t met his Young Life leader who showed him Jesus. Mandle stated that he always felt welcome when going to Young Life.

“I would tell the people that don’t come, come! Regardless of what you’ve heard about it, just come see and I promise it will be the best thing you do on Mondays,” Mandle said.

Young Life changes the lives of students, too. Sara Moore, sophomore, said that it helped her develop a relationship with the Lord along with helping her achieve more confidence.

“Young Life has allowed me to create a relationship with the Lord that I had never imagined I could before,” Moore said.

Young Life has made a huge change in so many students lives. If change is what you crave, I suggest Young Life.



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