Lady Dores season sets it off

Lafayette’s volleyball team played at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS at the annual Set It Off Challenge. The Set It Off Challenge is where some of the top teams from around the United States compete against each other. They had mixed results following the tournament. The tournament was hosted on Aug.10 and Aug.11. Lafayette won to both Alcorn Central (2-0) and Hickory Flats (2-0). But the Commodores fell short to the Lady Confederates (2-1).

Even though seniors Xhiir Burgess and Mariah Holland were not able to attend due to basketball camp, the team were still able to succeed.

Sophomore Brennice Kennedy hopes that their season will be successful. She felt like they prepared quite well for the Challenge. According to Kennedy, they had practice everyday for hours. Even with the seniors pending to leave next year, the Lady Dores do not plan on giving up.

“We are going to continue to work and try the best we can,” Kennedy said.

Freshman Deundria Shaw wasn’t able to play in the challenge, but she supported her team anyway. Shaw said that in order for the team to find success, the upcoming classes will have to step up, be leaders, and start working together. She thinks that her season will be very productive this year.

“I think my volleyball season will be lots of fun and successful. I will learn so much more this year,” Shaw said.

After the Set It Off Challenge, things went downhill for the team. On Aug.16 Lafayette lost to the Lewisburg Patriots (3-0 ) and on Aug.20 they lost to the Corinth Warriors (3-1). Lafayette had two big wins against Pontotoc (3-1) and New Albany (3-2). On Aug.30 Lafayette lost to Caledonia (3-2).

Senior Xhiir Burgess felt like their previous games haven’t been the best and that they haven’t played their strongest. Burgess said that they are still working on communication and everyone is still trying to figure out what their role is on the team.

Burgess emphasizes the importance of communication in order for the team to find great success. “If we fix our communication and we come together and play as a team, we gone be pretty good. Nobody can stop us, I don’t think,” Burgess said.

When asked if she thought they would have a good outcome against Oxford, Burgess said, “Most definitely, most definitely, we got to, this is our rivalry. We got to win. We gone get the job done.”

Although Burgess thought they would have a good outcome against their rival Oxford,  they lost (3-0) on Sept. 5. Caitlyn Rhea lead Lafayette with 7 kills. Lafayette also had four other players who had two digs each. But that was just not good enough.

Lafayette had a series of games starting on Sept.8 through Sept. 15 that resulted in both wins and losses. They won their first division game against New Hope (3-2) on Sept.13.

Lafayette’s Volleyball team is now ranked number 25 in the state and number 10 in the state region. Despite being mostly successful in the challenge, it hasn’t always been easy for the team, but they will continue to work hard and learn from their previous matches.                                                                                                


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