Lafayette’s football star Brandon Turnage honored with All-American title


Brandon Turnage has been selected as the first Lafayette football player to ever play in the Under Armour All-American game. This event will be held in Florida on Jan. 4 and will practicing will start on Dec. 28.

Brandon Turnage is a cornerback and wide receiver for the Commodores. He is committed to Alabama and has been since Dec. 22, which means he is going to play football for Alabama, one of the best college teams in the nation.  He also recently scored a hard earned 25 on his ACT. He will join Alabama in June.

What was the process of your work to get to this point like?

”The process was hard and fun at the same time because I like to work hard and I have teammates that push me to do what I do.”

Are you ready for the All-American game? 

“Yeah, I’m ready for it. To go out and compete with some of the best in the nation.”

What was your teammates’ reaction?

“They were really just proud of me and a loss of words but, you know, I worked hard for  this.”

How does it feel to be a Under Armour All-American?

“It feels great, you know, it’s just I have to hold myself to a higher standard and I have to do almost everything right.”

How does your family feel?

“They are very proud of me because really I am the only person in my family that has ever gone far playing football.”

Why did you commit to Alabama?

“It’s just where I felt at home and where I knew I had to work the hardest to be the best player and get to go and play against the best players”

How are you going to tackle the rest of the season?

“I’m just going to go out and continue to do what I have been doing and just help my team win. Making plays.”

Brandon and the Commodores will be making a rush for the championship this year and they have some big names like Jamie Shaw, Randy Anderson, Eric Jefferies and Brandon who have stepped up this year. Brandon is excited for his big moment in January, and Lafayette will surely be cheering him on the whole game.


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