Hocus Pocus VS HalloweenTown

Students at Lafayette were polled as to whether they preferred the Disney movie HalloweenTown or the classic Hocus Pocus. HalloweenTown took the lead with 60% of 114 people voting it as the better halloween movie. There is really no obvious reason for one movie to be better than the other, it all depends on the audience’s opinion and what they prefer in a movie. A student was asked their opinion on why one movie was better than the other.

Hocus Pocus focuses more on defeating evil witches, when the protagonist accidentally sets them free.  HalloweenTown has witches as well, but they are the ones fighting evil instead of being evil themselves.


Senior Laurie Branch says HalloweenTown is obviously better. It has the perfect mix of fun, spooky and Disney. HalloweenTown has the main character as a normal girl discovering she’s a witch, which has the sense of discovering yourself so kids can easily relate to it. Branch says there is too much going on in Hocus Pocus and there isn’t enough fun in the movie.

“I wouldn’t say Hocus Pocus is necessarily boring, it just doesn’t have all of the same factors that HalloweenTown has.”

Although both movies came out in the 90s, Hocus Pocus is directed more towards an older audience which is a big reason HalloweenTown won with the students.


Freshman Jordan Manuel says Hocus Pocus has a better storyline. It may not be as fun or directed towards kids but it still appeals to other audiences that can enjoy it. It is still a fun movie to watch, especially to get into the halloween spirit.


“Well, I really just think the plot is better, and even though it isn’t technically a kids movie, kids and other people enjoy it too.”



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